Hey Ravers,

Feaks, Gabbaheads, Tek-Nomads and Bassjunkies!

Welcome to LAUSCH4NGRIFF! Get ready for the ultimate sound experience that will earfist you 24/7! We share our passion for hard music with you – providing you with the soundtrack for your daily freak-out.

Click on Play, close your eyes and let yourself be thrilled by the feeling of dancing into the night amid fog, sound and strobo.

We deliver underground music of all kinds – from gabba, speedcore and hardcore, to breakcore, drum’n’bass and jungle to tekno, tribe and hardtek. And in addition some techno and acid once in a while.

Whatever style makes you go crazy – here you’ll find the daily dose of sound bombs that hail your ears and tear your brain apart.

Hear u soon on LAUSCH4NGRIFF